Arancia Inshore Rescue Boats are hand built for quality, performance and safety, meeting ISO 6185 Inflatable Boat Standards, ISO 9002 Quality Assurance & EU Recreational Craft Directive (CE Mark). They have been designed and produced in New Zealand since 1978, but in 2013, production was moved to a modern ‘state of the art’ factory in China in partnership with an established, reputable Korean company. This has enabled the high quality associated with Arancia to be maintained but now at a more competitive price.

The Arancia is the Inshore Rescue Boat of choice for the RNLI, SLSGB, SLSNZ, SLS Denmark and are approved by SLSA.

Surf Rescue Boats

Arancia A380 ‘Surf Rescue’                      Standard fittings & accessories      Optional extras

Overall Length – 3.8m                                  Tow Rope                                              Rescue Tube
Overall Beam – 1.73m                                  Paddles                                                 Anchor
Internal Length – 2.54m                               Knife
Internal Beam – 0.77m                                 Pressure Gauge
Pontoon Diameter – 0.46m                          Pump
Compartments – 3 + 1                                  Repair Kit
Weight Hull – 44kg                                        Carry Bag
Floor – 24kg                                                    Engine Safety Strop
Maximum load – 540kg                                Tool Bag
Assembly Time – 12 minutes                       Stowage Bags
Speed 25/30hp                                              V-strips
4 persons – 40 kph approx.                         Adjustable foot straps
2 persons – 50 kph approx.

*for full list of standard equipment refer to separate Arancia A380SR spec sheet

Flood Rescue Boats


To see the Arancia FR boat in action click here

Arancia A380 ‘Flood Rescue’                    Standard fittings            Optional extras

Overall Length – 3.8m                                  SOLAS Reflective Tape    Rescue Tube
Overall Beam – 1.73m                                  Paddles / Knife                 Extra Rubbing Strakes
Internal Length – 2.54m                               Rubbing Strakes               Additional Stowage Bags
Internal Beam – 0.77m                                 Extra Lifting Handles       Towing Bridle
Pontoon Diameter – 0.46m                         Pump / Gauge
Compartments – 3 + 1                                  Repair Kit
Weight Hull – 44kg                                        Carry Bag
Floor – 24kg                                                    Engine Safety Strop
Maximum load – 540kg                                Tow Rope / Anchor
Assembly Time – 12 minutes                       Adjustable foot straps
Speed 25/30hp                                              Tool Bag
4 persons – 40 kph approx.                          Stowage Bag
2 persons – 50 kph approx.                          V-strips


Raptor 2 Raptor 3

More info coming soon. To download a brochure click here RAPTOR FR470

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