Lifeguard SUP


  • One of the only dedicated rescue board featuring an extra chamber for buoyancy to float another person and security. Even if one chamber punctures, the craft will not sink.
  • 12 self-standing handles for easy usage for the distressed person to hold onto and lifeguards to carry.
  • 6” linear dropstitch construction provides ample stability for stand-up paddling and patrolling and 5+7mm Double rail band technology makes the board even more robust.
  • 28” hull is narrow enough for prone paddling and knee paddling and 12’0” length offers great flat water speed and catches waves well.

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Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Suggested Rider
Weight Range
12’0” 28” 6.0” 16.0” 315 L 40-200 kg
365.8 cm 71.1 cm 15.2 cm 40.6 cm


<p>4mm EVA square groove with 2mm crocodile skin DECK PAD</p>

4mm EVA square groove with 2mm crocodile skin DECK PAD

<p>Extra air chamber</p>

Extra air chamber

<p>Multiple handle</p>

Multiple handles



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